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Air Plants - Here’s someone literally living on love and fresh air!

Words fail us as we begin to write about Air Plants.

OK, tell us, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard this term - ‘Air Plant.’ A plant that gives air? A plant that lives on air? A plant that likes air? Ah, well! They are all this and more!

Air Purifier Plants By UrbanEconook

Scientifically speaking, Air Plants belong to the genus Tillandsia, and are largely natives of Mexican, Caribbean and South American jungles. They are highly efficient at taking nutrients and moisture from the air, with the help of their leaves that have cells specialized in the absorption of water and dissolved nutrients. Indeed, their root systems aren’t very well developed and so they must not be planted in soil.

So, we reiterate! Aren’t they simply superb wonders that take none of your effort and still give you oxygen and green décor even in low-light indoor conditions? Darn, they don’t need you to water them, or add manure - they don’t even need you to dust them! This makes air plants a lazy gardener’s and a lazy housekeeper’s delight.  


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