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Areca Palm

The popular houseplant Areca Palm, which goes by the scientific name of Dypsis lutescens, is a native of Madagascar but has made its place in so many gardens, homes, and hearts. Heck, it has even got naturalized in many forests outside its native range! So beautiful are its leaves that they have earned it its nickname of Butterfly Palm. Areca palm flowers are bright yellow panicles that look attractive, too.

Care for Areca palm is easy as it does not want anything in excess! Indeed, it does not enjoy overwatering and soggy soils, even though it thrives in humidity. Areca palm diseases are rare, commonest being fungal infections. It can tolerate full sun as well as shade - making it an ideal outdoor as well as houseplant. Indeed, growing Areca palm indoor or outdoor is the surest way to bring home a tropical look.

It gives outshoots horizontally and these offsets can be cut and replanted for Areca palm propagation. Areca palm seeds can also be used for growing the plants, and they are easily available in the market or can be obtained from the plant itself. Despite tolerating indoor conditions well, the Areca palm plant can reach its true heights of 30ft or more only when grown outdoors.

The NASA clean air study reported that Areca palm could do away with xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde from the indoor air. Thus, Areca palm benefits include its indoor air purification capacity in addition to its pleasing aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance. Also, it is a safe plant to have around pets and children, with no toxic chemicals reported from its stem and leaves.

Fun fact 

Browning of the tips of areca palm leaves is a natural sign of aging, but trimming away the tips will discourage growth. Learn to love the browns!


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