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Christmas Decor - The Eco-friendly Way

To make your Christmas Tree stand out on the 25th of December is no mean task. The challenge becomes bigger when you tell yourself that you will be going eco-friendly and won't bother with the plastic, glitter, and other difficult to compost or recycle stuff.

Well, this is once again that time of the year when the world goes gaga over Christmas decoration ideas. Christmas decor for the home, Christmas decor for the office, Christmas decor for the school or Christmas decor for the community garden - everyone wishes to know how to make it pleasing for the eye, instigate an onlooker to say 'Wow' and give creative satisfaction to the one who fashioned it in the first place!

Well, here we are, with a broad outline and some fun ideas - many of them DIY - on eco-friendly decorations for the Christmas tree - that center point of attraction for all 25th December celebrations. By eco-friendly, we mean stuff that is -

a) not creating any waste, through long-term reuse (most suited, best!!)

b) repurposing waste to create something of higher value (like wow!)

c) using something that will not require much effort to degrade on its own

  1. Buy a real tree - a real tree that can later be replanted, not a plastic substitute that will end up in the dumping ground later. Pretty please! A plastic tree is so not worth it.
  2. Repurpose waste into decoration material - look around you, it's easy. Make it a DIY project with friends, neighbours, kids. Conduct a fun waste-collection drive earlier and then exercise your imagination to come up with decor beauties out of used paper, old gift wrapping, ribbons, newspapers, torn fabric, dumped-discarded plastic bags, and other broken stuff.
  3.  Use biodegradable materials - always a good idea! Dried flowers, pine cones, wood shavings, jute ropes, organic dyed cotton threads etc.can be cleverly brought together to create eye-catching decor. Indeed, these make excellent Christmas Decor DIY ideas! Especially for kids, these make excellent Christmas crafts!
  4. Create reusable decor materials - knit up a star from silver-white wool, make a crochet snowflake, stitch up en elf or hand-paint a striped candy. These make darn good ideas to decorate a living room for Christmas on a budget. And don't forget to keep them in a box labeled Christmas Decor - to be reused the next year and the year after that!
  5. Think outside the box - why not make an artificial Christmas Tree out of unusual materials like clothes, books, paper, cardboard, or wooden shelves! You can do this without even using basic carpentry - heck, even glue isn’t necessary it is all about placing the building material on top of each other with some skill and precision. You see, post the celebrations, these building blocks can legit go back to being what they were, without creating any messy waste. 
  6. Go for such decoration material that has been specifically labeled as biodegradable - plenty of current scientific research is going into making such eco-friendly stuff that looks same as your image of conventional décor material. This may be slightly more expensive, but trust us when we say that the planet pays much more dearly for the so-called cheaper non-biodegradable materials.

We sure hope these ideas will help you take a step closer to eco-friendly decorations for Christmas.

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