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Coleus Scutellarioides

Coleus can well be awarded the “most attractive houseplant” prize – its lovely leaves ensure year-round interest in its proud beauty.

Native to tropical and sub-tropical Australasia, Coleus can grow both outdoor in shade/semi-shade and indoor under bright light. Although it is a water-lover and if you forget watering it, it’ll soon show you its disappointment by drooping its colourful leaves. It grows fast and easily from cuttings and is not much of a nutrient guzzler.

An astoundingly vast number of coleus varieties are available for plant-lovers. We’re providing a tiny list of a few:

  • The Alabama Sunset, that yields orange, red and yellow leaves
  • Bonfire/Campfire variety with bright red leaves
  • Buttercream variety that bears wavy-edged cream and green coloured leaves
  • Defiance variety bears green-edged red leaves
  • Eclipse, which is much like the Buttercream in shape but bears a bright red colour
  • Compact red variety has monochromatic maroon-red leaves

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