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Dracaena mahatma/ Mahatma Dracaena

A beautiful cultivated variety (cultivar), Mahatma Dracaena is well-known for the pink of its new leaves. It is indeed a sight to behold when the rays of light strike its large, ovoid, pink foliage. These leaves are spirally arranged, palm-like, and look lovely.

The secret of its popularity, we believe, is the wide range of light intensity that it can tolerate – it’ll grow outdoors as well as indoors as a houseplant. It is also largely a no-fuss plant, and won’t throw a tantrum if you forget to water it once!

One of the aliases of Mahatma Dracaena is the Hawaiian Ti Plant, which also goes by the scientific name of Cordyline fruticosa – which makes it a native of the Australasian islands.

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