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Ficus lyrata/Fiddle-leaf Fig

A fig of West Africa, horticulturists worldwide have made it their own. This is one more among the long list of natural trees, especially of the Ficus genus, that have been tamed into becoming indoor houseplants. Indeed, this medium-sized tree has been used in outdoor landscaping, too. Outdoors, it flowers and fruits – something that it omits indoors.

It has a rather musical name, isn’t it? Lyre in its scientific epithet lyrata and fiddle in its common name. While this may indicate the very musical nature of this tree, the truth is different. It is owing to the very unique shape of its leaves, which resemble a lyre or a fiddle, that this indoor fig has acquired such names. 

Fiddle-leaf is among the moody houseplants, sometimes refusing to respond to a plant-parent’s tender love & care and shedding its leaves. It is temperature and moisture-sensitive. So if the leaf-shedding starts, make sure there are no hot air drafts around or the soil isn’t too dry (or wet) – remember, both too much and too little water can yield the same symptom.

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