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Monstera Adansonii / Broken Heart

What justifies the theatrical name this plant has been given? Clearly, the holes in its leaves. Also nick-named the Swiss Cheese plant owing to these gaping openings, Broken Heart is a sweetheart of a houseplant – demanding minimal care yet looking gorgeous. It is a humidity-loving species so keep the mister ready in hand if you are choosing to plant-parent it.

This climber is a native of South and Central America – and because it has been reported from the banks of perennial streams and waterfalls, it is tolerant – and may even prefer – moist soils.

But wait! How can it be a Peace Lily in disguise?

Well, let’s not forget that Peace Lily and Broken Heart both belong to the Araceae or Arum family and their flowers are strikingly similar! It’s just that the Broken Heart hardly ever flowers indoors and keeps this secret connection well-hidden.

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