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Philodendron cv ‘Birkin’

Born in a horticultural laboratory, this cultivar of Philodendron has no existence in the wild. Its glossy leaves bearing white wavy lines are the product of man’s imagination, not nature’s creativity. There’s little clarity on its natural parents – it is probably a product of the mutation of Philodendron rojo congo and perhaps also includes Philodendron erubescens as the second parent.

Not that we are complaining! It is a gorgeous creature that grows well as a houseplant. And there’s a special reason behind its ‘designer’ name! It is named after the fashion designer Birkin because its leaves resemble a Hermes Birkin bag's colour pattern! Yes, indeed it is somewhat like the Birkin, Hermes' signature handbag. So do bring this fashionable item home!

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