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Philodendron erubescens 'Gold'/Ceylon

Green is the one colour of this world that has maximum shades. Assuredly, the green of Ceylon’s leaves is unique even among these hundreds of tints! They have a golden fluorescence that lights up corners and hearts equally well.

Ceylon is a cultivar of the parent plant P. erubescens or blushing philodendron, which probably originated in Brazil. A detailed study indicated that among the various Philodendron species, Ceylon had low air pollution tolerance and its good health inside homes and offices could indicate clean air.

This climber has medium-sized leaves in multitude, and it is a fast-grower. The ease of its caretaking further adds to its allure as a houseplant. Further, it is easily propagated through cuttings.

Unfortunately, this golden-green vibrant plant is not pet-friendly. Its entire body is rich in oxalates that are harmful for cats and dogs.

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