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Purple Heart

Ah, well! The botanical alias of Tradescantia pallida doesn’t quite do justice to the regal purple beauty of this Purple Heart plant. Also nicknamed (more aptly) as Purple Queen, this plant is a gorgeous addition to a landscape, what with its permanent foliar attraction and ease of maintenance. Be it a hedge border or a ground cover, this perennial scrambling herb ticks all the right boxes! No wonder then that though native to Mexico, it has conquered a number of green hearts all over the world.

Purple Heart is an outdoor plant, and for its rich purple coloration to shine through, it will need the Sun God’s kiss. Indeed, plants kept indoors and not receiving their requisite dose of sunlight will gradually become greenish (and so, if you have a Purple Heart turning green, bring it back under the sun or increase the number of hours it is spending in the sunlight). Otherwise, it is a very no-fuss plant, growing happily even if you forget to manure it. Indeed, Purple Heart care is easy. A one-two day lapse in watering can also be forgiven by this big, purple-hearted plant! However, do avoid over-watering it and ensure it is planted in well-draining soils.

Another nice thing about Purple Heart is the ease with which it can be propagated. Its broken stems easily plant themselves in the soil and take root, growing into a mature individual within weeks. It is also highly tolerant of pollution, flourishing in roadside vertical gardens. This adds to all its other benefits - it is a good air-purifying plant, too. In addition, its resistance to common garden pests is high. The Purple Heart plant is finding immense popularity in container gardens and open terrariums as well. Clearly, Purple Heart benefits are not one but many!

Fun Fact -

the tiny pink, three-petal flowers of the Purple Heart plant are gorgeous and contrast strikingly with the rich purple leaves, but last only a day or so.


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