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Snake Plant

What comes to mind when we say ‘Snake Plant?’

A plant that has tall, two-inch broad rectangular leaves coming straight up from the ground to at least 2-3 feet (if not more!) higher, either mottled light green in colour or dark green with a yellow boundary. This is the true snake plant, the scientific name of which is Dracaena trifasciata. Though a darling of many a home garden, it is a native of West Africa. 

Snake plant care is easy - it is indeed one of the toughest plants to kill! If ever there was a low-maintenance plant that just did not seek the gardener’s attention, it was a snake plant. Low light or full sunlight, less water or occasional overwatering, mites or bugs - snake plant is just not a cry baby. It will grow and grow in that neglected corner of your office and never try to seek your attention.

Bonus? It is one of the best performers in the NASA Clean Air Study, doing its best to rid your indoor air of gaseous pollutants and fill it up with oxygen instead.

Snake plant price is relatively higher than other indoor plants because it is a comparatively slow-growing plant.

Snake plant varieties are many! More than 30 to be precise. But beware that sometimes when we say varieties - we actually mean species! 

    • 'Laurentii' is one of the most popular snake plant varieties - it is dark green and has a yellow edge.
    • ‘Compacta’ as the name suggests is a mini-version variety of the original plant
    • ‘Hahnii’ is also called Bird’s Nest Snake Plant - it is also a smaller variety of the original plant.
    • ‘Golden Hahnii’ is similar but with a marked yellow coloration
    • ‘Moonshine’ is a beautiful snake plant with silvery-green foliage
    • ‘Whitney’ is a compact variety of Dracaena trifasciata with dark green leaves and speckled silvery margins
    • ‘Black Coral’ grows tall and has dark horizontal bandings across the leaves
    • ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ is a tall variety with a cream-white margin
    • Starfish Snake plant is a separate species called Dracaena angolensis 
    • Star Snake plant is a separate species called Sansevieria kirkii

Fun fact 

Snake Plant is also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue given the length of its leaves and the sharpness of its leaf edges! And, did you know that Snake Plant can be induced to flower (say, annually, for its flowering is quite rare) by neglect. Snake plant flowers are white and gorgeous.


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