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Spathiphyllum sp./Peace Lily

Will the real Peace Lily please stand up? For in the world of plant trade, several closely-related and similar-looking plants are called Peace Lily.

Yes, be it Spathiphyllum (Spa-thi-fi-lum) cochlearispathum, S. montanum, S. wallisii, S. silvicola or, S. ortgiesii, they all look similar - a cylindrical flower with a white spathe rising up behind it like the expanded hood of a cobra. To make matters worse, the Peace Lily is not even a lily of the Liliaceae family. Instead, it belongs to the family Araceae – from which hail all our household favourites – the money plants, Aglaonemas, Syngoniums, Caladiums, Philodendrons, Colocasias and Alocasias! 

This very-easy-to-take-care-of plant needs low light and less water. But one wonders why is it called the Peace Lily? Well, it’s because of the white bract behind the spadix – it looks somewhat like a flag of peace.

Anyway, we aren’t much worried about the science behind nomenclature. As Shakespeare opined – what’s there in a name. May peace reign supreme wherever this lovely plant is placed.

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