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Torenia - The Wishbone Plant

Torenia, the Wishbone plant, is such a flowering beauty that when potted, itself looks like a bouquet - what more would you like?

With a tendency to burst into profuse purple or pink flowers, this plant is a mesmerizing addition to the bright spot in your living room or partially shaded garden border. We fell in love with this plant still more as it could continue flowering even during the sun-less months of the Mumbai monsoons!

But careful - it won't tolerate water-logged conditions. So plant it in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. And don't forget to pinch off the dead blooms to encourage fresh flowers.

On the whole, we'd recommend it as one of the rare low-maintenance all-season flowering plants that can glow in beauty even out in the early morning sun and also in bright indirect light indoors.


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