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Plumbago(Blue) / Chitrak

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A perennial shrub with alternating leaves that is densely branching. The plant is widely accessible in India and is often grown in gardens for its bright inflorescence. The plant's root and root bark are used to make a variety of Ayurvedic remedies.

Care tips

  • It likes well-drained/deep sandy loam soil with high organic content to clayey loam soil with high organic content, and it favors moist soil with high organic content and somewhat shaded places in natural habitats. Its growth is hampered by open and bright environments.

  • Chitrak can be grown readily from stem cuttings or seeds.

  • To increase the stock, take stem cuttings from mother plants in March–April that are 10–15 cm long and have at least three nodes.

  • Because the crop is vulnerable to waterlogging, proper drainage is critical.

  • Store in a pot


  • Leadwort is a potent medicinal substance suggested by Ayurveda for the treatment of obstinate chronic rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, and tumorous growths.
  • It can also be used to treat persistent menstruation issues, viral warts, and nervous system ailments.
  • Anticancer medicines have been discovered in extracts of several Chitrakmool fractions, and rootbark is also thought to help with obesity.

Botanical Name: Plumbago auriculata

Plant Type:  Shrubs


  • Outdoor Plant
  • Attractive Flowers