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Air Plant

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Air plants (Tillandsia spp.) are epiphytes, meaning they grow on other plants, mainly tree branches, in the wild. They have strap-shaped or slender triangle-shaped leaves that form a rosette pattern with fresh growth emerging from the center.

Care tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • No need for soil for growth

  • Protect from frost

  • If placed in dry air submerge the plant for 2-3 hours in the water after every 3 weeks.

  • Stored in a pot


  • Reduce Stress. Yes, you heard it right!

  • Purify Air.

  • Easy to Propagate.

  • Cleaner Surrounding.

  • Excellent Decorative Plant.

  • Great for Urban Setting.

  • Variety of Shapes and Colors.

  • Best Office Desk Plant.

Botanical Name: Aloe polyphylla

Plant Type: Succulents Plant


  • Indoor Plant
  • Attractive Foliage (leaves)