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Aralia Varigated

Aralia Varigated

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Aralia houseplants have been popular for ages as easy-to-grow houseplants. Aralias thrive in medium to bright light but don't expose the leaves to the sun for too long or they'll scorch. They prefer higher humidity environments, such as a bathroom or kitchen, and just need a small amount of water to keep the leaves from wilting.

Care tips

  • For container-grown plants, a normal potting mix with a little extra perlite works nicely.
  • Aralias prefer bright, indirect illumination in an indoor setting. Look for a north window when choosing an indoor site.
  • Keep a close check on the soil when watering your Aralia plant inside. Provide a thorough, deep watering when it is nearly dry.
  • Make sure the plant isn't submerged in water and that the soil isn't fully dry.
  • Because tropical Aralia plants thrive in high humidity, it's a good idea to place your container on a pebble tray to keep the humidity up.
  • The plant grows to a maximum height of eight feet and a spread of two or three feet. Unless you have plenty of room, it's a good idea to keep the size of your indoor plants under control by pruning the branch tips on a regular basis. This approach also stimulates the Aralia plant to become more bushy and dense.
  • Propagate more plants using the cuttings. The blooms are arranged in six-inch-long inflorescences. Flowers in the tropics grow into drupes in the wild. When the plant is cared for as a houseplant or in a less-than-tropical outdoor situation, however, blossoming is rare.
  • Aralias make beautiful interior plants after they get adjusted to their new surroundings. Wait a while before you start watering and fertilizing heavily. Allow enough time for the plant to acclimate to its new surroundings, lighting, and humidity levels.


  • Aralia Golden will not only beautify your home and satiate your green thumb, but will also eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon dioxide from your home so that you only breathe pure air and stay healthy and happy.
  • They improve the ambiance, purify the air, help with humidity control.

Botanical Name: Polyscias Frutcosa

Plant Type: Herb Plant


  • Outdoor Plant
  • Attractive Foliage (leaves)