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Chrysanthemum/ Shevanti

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Garden centers begin to display full mounds of vivid red, yellow, and violet blooms as soon as the air cools, heralding the arrival of fall. Mums, or chrysanthemums, are a fall garden mainstay. Chrysanthemums are a national symbol of abundance in the fall, and this herbaceous and hardy perennial is a simple way to add a splash of colour to your fall garden. You may have a lush, stunning fall chrysanthemum garden display to help celebrate the changing of seasons with a little knowledge and a few simple suggestions.

Care tips

  • In spray types, terminal buds are plucked after two to three weeks of planting the rooted cuttings so that side shoots branch from the basal nodes.
  • Staking is used to support and contain the flower's spread, as well as to keep it in good shape.
  • Chrysanthemums eat a lot of food. A fortnightly dosage of 'liquid manure' is recommended for healthy bloom.
  • Overwatering can cause rotting of the roots and fading of the foliage in chrysanthemums. As a result, watering should be done as needed. Also, any extra water in pots should be drained as soon as possible.
  • Keep an eye out for aphids and hairy caterpillars.

Medicinal purpose

  • Chrysanthemums have been used to treat chest discomfort, high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, dizziness, and other ailments in traditional medicine. The flower has been shown to enhance blood flow to the heart and insulin sensitivity in people.
  • Chrysanthemum tea is a famous beverage that is used to treat many ailments. This medicinal tea aids digestion relieves nausea, helps to clear colds, and lowers fevers.
  • Folic acid, choline, niacin, and riboflavin are only a few of the Vitamin B compounds found in chrysanthemum. These vitamins are essential for the body's normal functioning, from development and growth to hormone levels, circulation, and neurotransmitter activity.

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum sp.

Plant Type:  Flowering Plant


  • Outdoor Plant
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