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Easter lilly cactus

Easter lilly cactus

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Easter 'Dominos' The Lily Cactus is a small South American globose cactus with fuzzy white areoles. Large white fragrant blooms, numbering 3-5, open in the summer and blanket the shrub. Unfortunately, they only persist for a few hours. During the summer, though, the plant will bloom 2-4 times for you.


  • Watering twice a week
  • Well-drained soil is suitable for the growth
  • Full sun or partial shade is ideal for growth
  • Flowers in spring
  • Do not allow water to accumulate on plant


  • Flowering cactus

  • Propagation through grafting, seeds, or offsets

  • Frost tolerant

Botanical Name: Echinopsis subdenudata

Plant Type: Succulents Plant


  • Indoor Plant
  • Attractive Foliage (leaves)

Succulent care:-

  • Watering:- twice in a week
  • (Do finger test for checking soil moisture). Do not overwater the plant specially in monsoon.
  • Sunlight:- Diffused
  • Pot mix:- cocopeat × send × garden soil (60:20:20)