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Fish Tail Palm at UrbanEconook

Fish Tail Palm

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Fishtail palm trees have compound leaves that grow to enormous proportions, just like the tree itself. The leaflets of these huge leaves, each with ragged edges that resemble the back end of a fish, to the plant and, as a result, to any room or garden space in which it is located.


  • Requires bright light for growth 

  • Thirsty plant, needs lots of water

  • If placed indoor keep in bright corner

  • It reaches several feet hence providing an appropriate vertical space


  • Edible products- toddy, jaggery, syrup

  • Air purifier

  • Shadow tree

  • Medicinal uses- Aging, Brain disease, Cancer, Cyanide Poisoning, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Malaria, Metabolic disorders, Vitamin A, Weight loss

  • Used for screening purpose