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Mogra / Jasmin

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Mogra is a miniature shrub with wavy margins and practically stalkless leaves. The plant can also be trained to climb as a short climber. The fragrant white flowers come in clusters of three to twelve and might be single, semi-double, or fully double.

Care tips

  • Well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter is required for the Mogra plant. A potting combination consisting of two parts of loam soil and one part of well-decomposed cow dung is suitable. For optimum blooming, the plant needs to be in direct sunshine. Mogra plant may also flourish in partial shade, making it an ideal plant for windowsill gardening.
  • Mogra plant prefers moderate watering. During the flowering season, it is absolutely necessary. Mogra is unable to endure waterlogging, and plants will quickly perish in the flooded soil. During November, watering is discontinued to allow the plants to rest.
  • Defoliation: When the plants are no longer watered, they shed their leaves. If this does not occur, all of the plant's leaves should be plucked by hand.
  • Pruning: After defoliation, the stems are lightly pruned. Branches are cut down to one-third of their original length.
  • Manuring: After pruning a plant, plenty of well-rotted farmyard manure and NPK fertilizers are applied to the potting soil.
  • Resumption of watering: Irrigation should begin gently after the application of manures, and the frequency of watering should be increased after the development of flower buds.
  • The soil should be well-drained and rich in organic content
  • Do not overwater


  • Contains antibacterial properties from nature
  • Heals scars and blemishes
  • Prevents dry skin
  • Slows the aging process
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Heals scars and blotches
  • Mogra Water can be used as a toner or as an ingredient in body oils and cleansers. 

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

Plant Type: Shrub Plant


  • Outdoor plant for garden/avenue
  • Attractive Flowers
  • Aroma / Fragrant  
  • Decoration / Ornamental