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Pygmyweed (Crassula aquatica) is a small, fleshy, annual aquatic plant that thrives on both freshwater and coastal coastlines. These plants, which are members of the Stonecrop family (Crassulaceae), have tiny, single white blooms that bloom in the leaf axils from July to September.


  • Water moderately
  • Partial shade is suitable for growth
  • Well-drained soil is ideal
  • Fertilize once in a 4 week


  • Fast growing
  • Propagation through stem cutting
  • Indoor decorative plant

Botanical Name: Crassula Pigmyweeds

Plant Type: Succulent Plant


  • Indoor Plant
  • Attractive foliage (leaves)

Succulent care:-

  • Watering:- twice in a week
  • (Do finger test for checking soil moisture). Do not overwater the plant specially in monsoon.
  • Sunlight:- Diffused
  • Pot mix:- cocopeat × send × garden soil (60:20:20)