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Rhapis Palm

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Rhapis excelsa, often known as lady palm or bamboo palm, is an evergreen fan palm with thin, upright, bamboo-like canes coated in palmate, deep green foliage with deeply divided, fan-shaped leaves that divide into 5-8 finger-like, narrow-lanceolate segments.


  • Requires moist soil for ideal growth
  • Grows well in bright indirect sunlight 
  • Alternate days watering 
  • If the leaves start yellowing move the plant to a shady area
  • Feed with liquid fertilizer once a month
  • Trim the brown leaf tips 


  • Ideal houseplant for cats and dogs

  • Non toxic

  • Slow growth

  • Easy to maintain

  • One of the NASA recommended air purifying plant 

  • Removes ammonia from the air