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Senecio himalaya

Senecio himalaya

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Senecio barbertonicus (Senecio barbertonicus)  is a Senecio cultivar with fragrant clusters of golden tubular blooms and tightly packed, long, needle-like, brilliant green leaves. In modern spaces, these lovely, spreading succulents add a feeling of playfulness and texture.


  • Requires bright indirect light
  • Watering twice a week
  • Can tolerate cool temperature
  • Balanced fertilizer once a month
  • Pruning encourages branching
  • Mildly toxic


  • Improves air quality

  • Lowers stress and anxiety

Botanical Name: Senecio himalaya

Plant Type: Succulents Plant


  • Indoor Plant
  • Attractive Foliage (leaves)

Succulent care:-

  • Watering:- twice a week
  • (Do finger test for checking soil moisture). Do not overwater the plant especially in the monsoon.
  • Sunlight:- Diffused
  • Pot mix:- cocopeat × send × garden soil (60:20:20)