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Dwarf Sansevieria/Snake Plant

Dwarf Sansevieria/Snake Plant

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The snake plant, also known as mother-in-tongue, law's is a hardy succulent that can grow to be several feet tall. Snake plants have a lot of health benefits in addition to creating a little ambiance.


  • Very little water is required, once in a week is more than enough.
  • Susceptible to waterlogging
  • Can thrive in any light conditions
  • Direct bright sunlight can lead to leaf scorching
  • Sansevieria do best in moderate to indirect light
  • However, they will do fine in low light areas and can also withstand full sun
  • Sansevieria does not need much water, and overwatering can cause the plant to rot
  • Leaves must be kept dry when watering and the soil should be allowed to dry in between watering
  • Sansevierias are mildly toxic to pets and humans.



  • NASA air-purifying plant
  • Low maintenance
  • Absorbs cancer-causing pollutants
  • Acts as an effective defense against airborne allergies
  • Considered as good luck plant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Easy to propagate by cuttings


Botanical Name: Sansevieria ballyi

Plant Type: Herb Plant


  • Outdoor plant for garden/avenue
  • Attractive Foliage (leaves) 
  • NASA recommended air purifier